carré neige insurance

enjoy your holiday with peace of mind

For those not insured by ESF, we recommend that you purchase "Carré Neige" insurance coverage, which provides you with all the necessary insurance and assistance in the event of an accident during your stay 
Take advantage of all of these benefits and services provided by the best in the industry. Whether it's first aid on the pistes or even the reimbursement of ambulance rides. Not only are you insuring yourself but also those in your family while saving money in the long run as prices for emergency assistance in the mountains can be extremely expensive.  

> Ski in good conscience and tear down the pistes with total peace of mind, alone or with family or friends, CHECK OUT CARRÉ NEIGE!

Carré Neige comes into immediate effect and covers all expenses incurred; professional care, rescue operations and treatment for wounds or injuries.

Advantages of Carré Neige : 
  • First aid and evacuation,
  • Refund of ski lessons and passes,
  • Additional guarantees: refund of medical, hospital and pharmaceutical costs in addition to mandatory health costs, defence and legal action coverage, broken skis,
  • Repatriation.

Ski lesson refunds - find more detailed information by clicking here:  
  • In the event of an accident that incapacitates the skier insured,
  • In the event of illness,
  • In the event of early return of the insured person's family,
  • In the event of repatriation of the person involved in the accident (insured with Carré Neige),
  • In the event that lifts are down for more than 5 hours straight,
  • In the event that a parent (and only one) needs to find childcare for their child involved in an accident (both the child and parent must be insured),
  • In the event that lifts are down for more than a day in over 80% of the resort due to bad weather conditions.

What do I need to do in case of repatriation?  
  • Above 150km, if the state of your health requires it, you can ask for your repatriation by calling Europ Assistance at 01 41 85 85 96.
  • Below 150km and on the day of the accident contact Carré Neige Management Centre at 04 79 07 36 11 or at 04 79 07 36 12.

How do I get refunded for my ski lessons?
  • Fill out within 8 days the proof of claim form available on the Carré Neige website or at Carré Neige retail offices. Make sure to send it with all supporting documents to the following address: DIOT Montagne - Assurances Carré Neige - BP 19 - 73 704 Bourg Saint Maurice Cedex
  • Attach the following supporting documents:
     Original copy of the ski lift pass (and/or proof of purchase of pass and of Carré Neige).
     Initial doctor's note stating the nature of wounds and if there is or not physical disability of the skeir.

How can I follow the status of my refund?  
As soon as your accident claim has been processed, we will send you a reference number, which will allow you to follow in real-time the status of your refund on the site.