meeting points 

the starting points for your lessons

ESF Saint-Sorlin-d'Arves has one main meeting point open all season long:
  • "CENTRE DU VILLAGE" (located at the centre of the village) behind the tourism office.  

During Christmas and February holidays a second meeting point is open:
  • "SYBELLES" (located at the top of the village)
  • This meeting point is open to any child having Beginner to 2nd Star level!
  • This meeting point only concernes the following hotels: Odalys "Les Sybelles" - Odalys "L'Orée des pistes" - Odalys "Les Chalets de la Porte des Saisons" - Mme Vacances "Les Fermes de Saint-Sorlin" - Odalys "Les Bergers" - Pierre Aigüe - Les Grands Sauvages - Les Visons 1 and 2.

Excluding Christmas and February holidays, the hotel meeting point is located at "CENTRE DU VILLAGE" (village centre).

Children at "SYBELLES" will be systematically transported to and from the meeting point and looked after at the kids club in the meantime.